SVO Conversion Kits

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Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) and Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) fuel conversion kits are available in 2 different styles that we have researched for diesel engines in both cars and trucks. They both have advantages and disadvantages to their use depending on the climate you live in, size of your vehicle, or other factors. Check out the information we have provided below to find out which system is best for your vehicle, climate, and even your budget.

1 Tank SVO / WVO Conversion Kit

The one tank SVO / WVO system is just that, one tank. You use your original fuel tank, or tanks, to hold the vegetable oil. The 1 tank SVO / WVO conversion kit is best used in the warmer states like California, Arizona, or even Florida. There are several full conversions kits available for thousands of dollars that can turn your car into a green machine that works in cold weather. These systems require the changing of your fuel injectors among other modifications to your engine and fuel system. We hope some day to offer affordable SVO / WVO conversion kits to Penn Alternative Fuels visitors that are just as efficient, and of the same quality. The difference is our system will be a two tank system, which should be less expensive.

2 Tank SVO / WVO Conversion Kit

A two tank SVO / WVO fuel system uses your main fuel tank once again as the holding tank for the vegetable oil, but a second tank is installed to hold your "warm up" and "cool down" diesel fuel. This system is fairly easy to setup and with the right kit, you can convert your diesel car or truck into not such a money pit if you put a lot of fuel in your vehicle driving to work, or on the job. The 2 tank SVO / WVO conversion kit is best suited for people in colder states as it uses the smaller diesel to warm up the vehicle's engine and in the process, through our kit, heats up the vegetable oil in your primary fuel tank. This keeps the vegetable oil from becoming viscose and clogging up your fuel line or fuel injectors. Another special component to the kit is a special fuel line that will be used which has small radiator hoses running on each side of the fuel line. This keeps the fuel from clogging as it passes through the line and is just another great feature of the kit. We have decided not to venture into our own business right now with the current economy, but hope to in the future. For now, please check out some of these great websites that have we have found that have some excellent svo conversion kits of their own. I have found some new sites that offer other types of svo kits and svo and wvo kit accessories.

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