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I have owned a gaming computer since I was 2 years old. Video games are a great way to blow of steam, pass the time, and in some cases relax. Here you can find out cool games to check out and maybe find me in games I am currently playing online.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CS:GO as it's more commonly called is a reboot of the classic Counter-Strike First Person Shooter. I have played the Counter-Strike game series off and on since 1999.

Minecraft is a voxel based sandbox game that has the ability to play in multiplayer mode. I run a small server with some friends. It gained popularity under the helm of Notch, but since Microsoft has bought Mojang, things have been a bit quiet.

One Finger Death Punch
One Finger Death Punch is a game that has very simple controls and reminds me of the old kung fu and karate games on retro game systems, but with updated graphics.

An open source remake of the video game classic Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

SWGEmu is the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator and is an open source implementation of the SWG project from before the Combat Upgrade and NGE patches. It has made much progress over the last few years and is nearing completion.

Terraria is 2D game that reminds me of a 2D version of Minecraft. Terraria has much more content though and the developers are actively adding content based on community feedback.

The Wheelhaus
Start a random game in your Steam libarary.

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