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I am an audiophile, and continually seek out new forms of music. Currently I listen to a ton of experimental music, but I am also a big fan of psychedelic rock, breakbeats, and progressive house.

Music is a big part of my life. I listen to it in just about any mood, and it helps me deal with the progressions of life. Music can make you happier when you are happy, angrier if you are angry, or sadder if you are sad, but it's a very powerful tool for healing, growth, and personal understanding. Musicians are artists, so just like the great paintings, and sculptures of the world, music should be explored and appreciated much the same. I have a fairly broad spectrum of music that I listen to and enjoy. There are only a few genres that I truly don't like, and I won't even mention their name here. My goal with this section of my site is to enlighten you to some new and exciting music for your ears, body, mind, and soul to enjoy.

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