Generative Art

HD version of my original Kaleidoscope fractal
Screenshot of the start screen.

I have been generating fractals since at least 1999, and I have been interested in other forms of generative art since then. Generative art has become popular over the last few years, as some of the most popular NFTs like the CryptoPunks have used software to generate a limited set of unique artworks. As a software developer generating fractals with software like Ultra Fractal I was immediately intrigued by this new NFT phenomenon of limited sets of generative art being created with software.

I am continually working on new experiments with software to generate art. I have mainly been using fractal generators like Ultra Fractal for generating fractals, but some of the assets I have seen available as NFTs started to help form some ideas. I ultimately started researching the best ways to create generative art developed in the Python coding language to allow for a great deal of control of the parameters of the art I generate. The Python software is also supported natively on most operating systems, so the scripts can be used on most devices.

Jason Moore
Web Developer

I build websites and web servers for a living using Open-Source Software.