Biofuels are not a new type of fuel. They are the fuel of the future though, as we deal with global warming and to help reduce the dependency on foreign oil. We can use biofuels to bring back our breadbasket farming communities and help other countries start a legitimate export product. Many farmers are catching onto the trend and using biofuels to fuel their tractors and other farm equipment.


Biodiesel is a mix of vegetable oil and petro-diesel. You can make it fairly easy with minimal byproduct, and it burns much cleaner than regular diesel fuel. It does require some minor chemistry skills for the titration of the fuel with lye. This process has a byproduct and can be bad for the environment if not processed and disposed of properly.


Ethanol is made from corn. It is a very clean burning fuel. Due to the demands for corn to make E85, corn prices have risen in the past few years. Hopefully they stay low enough for this fuel to catch on more.

LP Gas - Propane

LP Gas, or Propane Gas, is one of the more popular of the biofuels used today. It is a natural occurring gas that burns fairly clean and is also quite inexpensive. Propane is used in homes for heating and cooking. It is also used in some forklifts to power their engines. It is gaining popularity in vans and buses in larger cities like San Francisco and other green friendly cities. The SFO Airport has shuttle buses that use Natural Gas as their fuel in their fleet.

Straight Vegetable Oil Fuel

Straight Vegetable Oil fuel is just as it sounds, it is used cooking oil or fresh oil used for fuel in cars and homes. Reused or recycled vegetable oil can also be used in engines as it does not have to be pristine.

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) Conversion Kits

Soon we will have svo conversion kits available to convert many of the popular models of diesel engines for cars and trucks from the top manufactures. We hope to satisfy ever customer with the best straight vegetable oil conversion kits at the lowest price. Make sure to check back soon for the best kit for your vehicle. You can email us with any requests for kits that are not displayed on the website. We will try to find all of the parts needed to setup you diesel engine for a veggie oil conversion.